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CIPD L&D Show 2016 – Reflection Blog

The CIPD’s Learning and Development Show is an annual event. It is the place to hear from inspiring speakers, suppliers in the world of learning solutions / technology and the opportunity to network with fellow practitioners.

I have been attending the L&D Show for a number of years now, sometimes attending the conference & exhibition and other times just the exhibition. I think it is important as Learning Professionals that we attend such events, to take time to step away from the busy worlds we are in and to grow our knowledge and understanding of the industry.

This blog is a reflection piece from me, my reflections from the two days.

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My thoughts on getting the most from #CIPDLDShow 2016

I’m currently away.. on holiday.. in St Ives.
It is a beautiful part of the UK, very peaceful and calm.
I have lots of time this week to relax and reflect.
I’m here for eight whole days… Bliss! Read more


Working Together #LnDcowork

Michelle and I have been working with other L&Ders on bringing like minded professionals together to co-work. Here’s a bit about how it’s gone so far…. Read more


Advent Blog: Comet Tails and Coal Dust 

Beyond Compare

I read blogs with awe.. how the blogs flow, the lovely style of the writing and journey they take me on is breathtaking.
I have never felt I could contribute to such a wonderful pool of intelligent and insightful thinking. But the thing is, I’ve started to feel like I want to. Read more


Everyday Management with

Having spent time supporting new and existing managers to build their ‘Everyday Management’ skills I have worked with to create a resource for all new managers, and those wishing to refresh their skills. Read more


To Conference or UnConference.. That is the Question

​​So on Friday last week I attended my first UnConference. It was one of the best learning events I’ve attended in quite a while.

The L&D Connect UnConference, Friday 31 October 2014.

For those of you who have never heard of and/or attended an UnConference, the simple BUT key idea is that the delegates decide on the agenda and the topic areas for focus. There is no formal agenda, no schedule of speakers and no PowerPoint presentations. Read more


Almost famous

It has been a fun few weeks. You may have seen me on various CIPD promotional material… I have really enjoyed sharing what being a CIPD Chartered Member means to me. If you are considering becoming a member have a look at the benefits and find out what it can do for you. Read more


Growth Vouchers

Fiona McBride Consulting is recognised by the Growth Voucher Scheme as a supplier and advisor with whom you can spend your voucher. Read more