The importance of preparing well

There are so many aspects to being a manager. In my work in leadership development, I see many of these practical managerial aspects need tackling and tackling well.

It is a process that is important to get right if you want a good outcome. I spend a lot of time working with and supporting managers to build their skills. Within the skillset of a manager, needs to be the ability to understand the importance of interviewing well and also the ability to carry out an interview well. 

If you want to ensure a successful round of interviewing and be able to select the right person for the role, then a big part of that success needs to come from you.

It’s from experience that I can tell you a lot of effort up front can be very useful to get the recruitment process off to a good start. Having a clear understanding of the role you are recruiting for and the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed are important.

By ensuring you know what it is you’re looking for and why, means you’ll be able to accurately communicate what the role requires, assess for these attributes and skills during the recruitment process and then appoint fairly.

I have worked together with to create an online interactive course, which takes you through key steps of interviewing within a recruitment process. We look at preparation of the job description, questioning techniques, the importance of good note taking and providing useful feedback to candidates. You can view the trailer for the course and find out more about it on the website.


Whether you are ready for the course or not, one key thing to remember about interviewing is always making sure you understand what the role is there in the organisation to do, so you know what you are looking for.. oh and prepare well!

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