Creating moments of calm

Since 18th March 2020, over 200 people from all around the world, have joined the #PauseBreathe sessions I’ve been offering. Joining from the UK, Spain, Belgium, Australia and the USA, taking time in their day to shift from the busyness and uncertainty of the world around them, to creating a moment of calm for themselves. 

These sessions are and will always be free. The first session of the week is Monday at 9am (BST), providing you with the opportunity to start your week grounded and calm. The second session happens on Wednesday afternoons at 5.30pm (BST), inviting you to pause and take a breath at this mid week point.

People join for different reasons and share a variety of benefits:

“short, online and practical”


“Never done meditation before, wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt really grounded, focused on my breathing and it was a great way to kick start the week”


“A moment to be quiet, be peaceful for 20 minutes. To gather myself for the rest of the day, particularly on those days that are overwhelming.”


To date, 25 sessions have run plus several corporate client sessions. There are now regulars who join weekly and every session there is often a fresh face or two.

It delighted me to share about the sessions on LearningNowTV in April. You can watch the feature here. It has been wonderful to share this practice widely, including with my corporate clients. I have run sessions for staff at the University of Manchester amongst others.

Being able to offer something of value out into the world over the past couple of months has felt important. The feedback from those who have attended has been touching, whether it’s someone who has their own meditation & yoga practice, and they’ve enjoyed coming to the sessions to practice with others, or someone who has been meaning to try breath awareness & meditation for years and hadn’t got round to it until now.

This has led me to the decision to keep the #PauseBreathe sessions going, and I’ve scheduled the twice weekly sessions into June and July.

You can find them listed on Eventbrite. It is quick and easy to sign up – this link will take you straight to them.

Finally, if you have questions or would like to know more, please get in touch or even try one out and see what you think!

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