Taking time to invite calm

Mid-march I started offering free, short breath awareness sessions. I felt I wanted to help others by putting something out into the world which might help people during this time of uncertainty and challenge.

Advertising via Twitter and Eventbrite, the response I received was lovely. It wasn’t just me who needed to slow down and find some stillness in this unsettled world.

To date, I have run nine sessions with another eight still to happen during April. I have planned two a week for this month, starting the week calm and grounded Mondays at 9am and at 5.30pm on Wednesdays inviting an opportunity to pause and breathe.

Everyone is welcome to attend, no prior experience necessary. We always start on time, so we keep to the 20 minutes. First, taking two minutes to ‘arrive’, next we bring our awareness to our breath and finally I guide us all through a breath awareness practice.

These sessions aim to create a little moment of calm for you, using the breath as a tool. We invite feelings of being grounded, calm and letting the body tell the brain we can relax.

If you’ve attended a session, I would welcome your feedback. If you’re new to it and have questions, then please get in touch with me.

You can find all the sessions on my Eventbrite page.

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