Management Development

Managers play a key role within organisations, from leading and motivating a team to managing performance for improved results and everything in between. Knowing how to effectively manage and lead a team is crucial.

I have many years experience working with team leaders, managers and senior managers to develop practical skills through a wide range of learning approaches.

Some of the most popular management development courses are built around the following themes:

Introduction to managing people
This level of development is ideal for individuals who are new to managing people or who have had no previous training in the basics of people management

Introduction to managing volunteers
A course for individuals new to volunteer management. It covers the essential management principles including the communication skills you need to ensure you get the best from your volunteers

Managing remote teams
Managing a team has its challenges, so when your team works remotely that can add a new dimension to your skill requirements. This course focuses on building and sustaining the performance of your remote team

Effective management and your leadership style
This is a development course suitable for managers with some experience of people management, who are looking to develop greater awareness and understanding of their management and leadership style. You will have an opportunity to undertake a personal profile questionnaire which will provide an insight into your strengths and highlight further developmental areas.

Understanding HR: the manager perspective
The area of Human Resources is often a mystery to many managers. This course aims to introduce you to key aspects of employment law and HR issues to help you gain the knowledge and skills to build confidence when dealing with HR and Employment Law issues in the workplace.


Supporting and developing new and existing managers to build their skills via courses or coaching is an area I have extensive experience in. Any learning is always developed to fit with your culture and needs.

If you are interested in finding out how I can support your business, please do not hesitate to contact me.