If my leg was broken I’d tell you…

… and it would be a straightforward, simple conversation to have. I’d probably tell you how it happened, that it was painful and that I needed time off to recuperate because of it.

So… Why can’t I say that some days I don’t have great mental health?

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Creating moments of calm

Since 18th March 2020, over 200 people from all around the world, have joined the #PauseBreathe sessions I’ve been offering. Joining from the UK, Spain, Belgium, Australia and the USA, taking time in their day to shift from the busyness and uncertainty of the world around them, to creating a moment of calm for themselves. 

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Taking time to invite calm

Mid-march I started offering free, short breath awareness sessions. I felt I wanted to help others by putting something out into the world which might help people during this time of uncertainty and challenge.

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At the end of June this year I qualified as a yoga teacher and if I’m completely honest with you, I still can’t quite believe I have.

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#FestivalOfWork Day 1 reflections…

I came along today ready for something different… the inaugural CIPD Festival of Work. A new offering from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. During day one I attended conference sessions, walked the exhibition floor, chatted to folk, took part in seated yoga plus mindful colouring on a giant colouring wall. All in a days work at the new CIPD #FestivalOfWork.

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My pre #FestivalOfWork Thinking

It is always a pleasure to be asked to get involved with the CIPD conferences, this time it’s the #FestivalOfWork at Olympia in London.

I’m heading to the Conference and Exhibition on Wednesday 12 June. I’ve been invited to attend the conference as one of three people who will be sharing Festival updates and insights. I’ll be there all day, dipping in and out of conference sessions and walking around the free exhibition. 

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Training Director for JCI London

On InternationalVolunteerDay  I’m delighted to announce I’ve been asked to join the Junior Chamber International London Board as Training Director. It all begins on Saturday at the strategic planning day. I am really excited and looking forward to the new challenge!

You can find out more about the Junior Chamber International here: https://www.jcilondon.org.uk/


Podcast about PLNs

The wonderful team at GoodPractice invited me onto their podcast in November 2018. I share my thoughts and experiences on personal learning networks (PLN) from a personal and client perspective. You can listen to it here:



Street Wisdom event: Brighton

I love Street Wisdom. I’ve taken part in numerous Street Wisdom events in the UK and now, as part of Street Wisdom’s World Wide Wander, I will be hosting this event in one of my favourite parts of the UK – #Brighton.  Read more