At the end of June this year I qualified as a yoga teacher and if I’m completely honest with you, I still can’t quite believe I have.

 I fell in love with yoga last year you see, it had a huge impact on me very early on and I’ve gained so much from it already. I knew I wanted to deepen my knowledge and personal yoga practice, so I took the decision at the end of 2018 to sign up for 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. The six months of the training has been an experience I’ll never forget, and one I now realise is only really just beginning.

For most 200hr yoga teacher training they include many different topics: the history of yoga, religion and philosophy; anatomy and physiology; the subtle body and Ayurveda; yoga class sequencing, assists and teaching techniques. It is a wonderful exploration of not just the physical asanas (postures) but your mind-body connection too, you get to discover your strength and connect to who you are in a deep way.

Throughout the training I’ve been practicing many hours of yoga and meditation, reading a lot of books and I’ve developed a regular reflective writing practice. I have also had the pleasure of meeting and learning with a group of very kind, clever and generous people.

 In my day job, I am a freelance facilitator and learning consultant, and it was a couple of months into the training when I started to notice a crossover with my day job and the role of a yoga teacher as I was beginning to understand it.

 Crossover themes, which have appeared for me so far, are:

  • Being in the moment / being present
  • Holding the space
  • Being in service to others (karma yoga).

 This ‘crossover’ came as a bit of a surprise. I have decided to take my time to reflect on the themes further, they are something I think would be interesting to explore as both a facilitator and a yoga teacher.

 So as my reflective practice continues and my learning settles in, I think I’ll have more to share soon. Thank you for reading.

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