Online sessions

Getting to grips with Zoom

Join me to explore this popular video conferencing and meeting software app. Zoom is useful for professional meetings, small and larger group sessions, networking groups, meet-ups, catching up with friends & family, and teaching classes.

We will look at a variety of features, including:

  • The difference between paid and free accounts
  • Using Zoom for one-to-one & group meetings
  • How to put security settings in place
  • How to use screen sharing, polls and breakout rooms

Duration: 1.5 hours

Breath awareness session

The purpose of this session is to help people slow down, come to the present moment, and learn a basic breath awareness practice which they can try again after the session in their own time.
Making time in your day to shift from the busyness and uncertainty of the world around us, to creating a little moment of calm for yourself. Using the breath as a tool, we can invite feelings of being grounded, calm and letting the body tell the brain we can relax.

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

You and your online presence

Social media allows us to engage more widely with our profession and the wider community. It has offered an immediate space to understand and learn from each other professionally and personally. Join me to explore how to engage with and make the most of your online space.

During this session you will:

  • Explore why social media is important and useful for professionals & their organisations today
  • Look at key features on the different social media platforms inc. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Have time to reflect how you currently utilise your online space professionally
  • Create a plan of action to develop your online profile & engage with greater confidence

Duration: 3 hours

Getting the best from Zoom

This two hour interactive session gives you the opportunity to explore how to utilise Zoom as an interactive space to support learning and development initiatives. 
Zoom, whilst not a full webinar package, does have a suite of simple tools and a variety of options you can utilise as a facilitator, trainer and coach, helping to ensure your workshops are as interactive and engaging as they can be. 
Join me for this informal and friendly small group session, where I will help you to practically explore how to make the most of this application. 

Please note: this session does not cover the basics of Zoom functionality. If you need support to learn the basics, ask me about my ‘Getting to grips with Zoom’ sessions.

Duration: 2 hours

Growing your community and networks

Join me to explore how to create connections with others, to support your professional growth and business development. We will explore this in the context of online connections and professional and organisational networks.

During this session you will:

  • Have time to identify what effective networks and communities look and sound like
  • Explore the benefits of building a professional network
  • Look at how to nurture your existing connections
  • Plan how to develop further existing networks and create new ones.

Duration: 3 hours

Looking out for you and your wellbeing

Now more than ever we need to be looking after ourselves and creating the conditions to ensure we have what we need to be well. So often HR professionals spend time looking out for, and after others, we forget to check in with how we’re doing. So, join me to explore the importance of looking after you.

In this session we will:

  • Explore why we so often fail at self-care
  • Remind ourselves of the importance of our own wellbeing
  • Consider what options and practices are out there which we can employ to look after ourselves
  • Learn a breath practice technique to help us to create a moments of calm
  • Create our own wellbeing approach.

Duration: 3 hours