The Honeycomb Works


I started working with the lovely team at The Honeycomb Works (THCW) in late 2016. I worked with them and their clients on great learning interventions. To date, I have designed and facilitated a variety of workshops, introduced action learning sets for new managers, plus provided one-to-one career coaching sessions for their clients.

THCW approached me in August 2017 to design and facilitate further management development workshops for one of their new clients. I love working collaboratively with other great learning and development professionals and enjoyed working with them throughout 2017 & 2018.

We look for partners who inspire and enable long-term behavioural change and this is where Fiona really excels. Whether through facilitation or individual coaching, Fiona’s supportive, inquiry-based style allows space for people to find their own direction and take control of their development.

She loves to explore new ways of doing things – not innovation for the sake of it but to find the best possible ways of helping people become better at what they do. Try one of her unconferences and you’ll see what I mean!

Fiona is always a pleasure to work with and her approach is highly collaborative – with us, our clients and with learners; very much a partner in the true sense of the word  – Melissa Sabella, Founder & CEO of The Honeycomb Works