Since 2017 I have been involved in a variety of projects for the CIPD. In a voluntary capacity, I am the Vice Chair of the local Central London Branch. I have been volunteering in the role since June 2016, it is great to be able to give back to my professional network and colleagues.

From a client perspective, CIPD has engaged me to redesign one of their management development programme offerings. I enjoyed working as part of a small team of facilitators to review current content and redesign elements for a new ‘people development’ programme. I will be facilitating the workshops as part of the pilot rollout in due course.

I am also the Expert Speaker on one of the L&D Level 5 qualifications offered by AVADO for CIPD. I present and discuss with the students on the topic of Social and Collaborative Learning Live Class.

I have an Associate contract with CIPD to support and facilitate a variety of workshops, within the management and leadership portfolio of courses.